Inspired by the 19th century bow making French period,
Jean GRUNBERGER develops his own models which evidence the combination between beauty, style and technique.
Soloists and the finest musicians from around the world play and appreciate his bows.

Gold medal VSA 1984
2 certificats of merit VSA 1984
Gold medal  VSA 1986
2nd Prize PARIS 1991
1st prize PARIS 1999
"Coup de coeur" at VioloncellenSeine 2012

Taught by master Bernard OUCHARD at Mirecourt school from 1975 to 1978 
then with Benoît ROLLAND in Paris,  Jean GRUNBERGER won numerous international prizes.
Headmaster of the Bow Making School of America   2001/2006
Instructor in Oberlin college  2002/2006
Instructor for ALADFI since 2007
GLAAF member


J e a n   

With his solid experience and "passion" about passing on his knowledge,
Jean GRUNBERGER leads 2 group courses
within the framework of the ALADFI association.
Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions concerning the initial training or about these courses.

T r a i n i n g

Just like your instrument, your bow evolves over time and may undergo even minimal transformations that affect your playing comfort.
Symptoms clearly indicate if your bow requires fine adjustment. 
You feel an instability in the middle of the stick (a softness or a vibration that is difficult to control) that you have to compensate by tightening your bow a little more and you then lose the playing comfort at the heel and at the tip. 
Your bow does not stay on the string and is too nervous. 
Your bow has become too soft and is difficult to jump. 
You are having difficulty finding a good playing tension. 
Your bow seems too heavy or too light in your hand.   

Considering that the difficulty of playing on some "passages" results only from your technique,
you then spend a considerable amount of energy compensating for this discomfort ... which simply comes from your bow. 

I invite you to contact me if it speaks to you ...

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